• Are any Physicians accepting patients?

    When Physicians are able to accommodate new patients, this will be published on the website under Physicians page.

  • Can I get my results mailed to me or released over the phone?

    Depending on your Physician, some results may be released by mail or over the phone, or you may be asked to make another appointment with your Physician to review your result. Please clarify this with your Physician if you are expecting to be contacted about a specific test result.

  • Can I phone directly to make an appointment?

    You can phone our main line at 204-727-6451 and press option “3” to speak to a Receptionist to make your appointment. Please understand that phones are very busy and your time on hold will vary depending on call volumes at any given time. For a more convenient method please use our Online Booking option available on our website. It is very user-friendly and will provide you with confirmation of your appointment.

  • What happens if I miss an appointment?

    Please understand that missed appointments are time that a Physician could utilize to see other sick patients. If at all possible, please call 24 hours in advance to cancel your appointment if you know you are unable to attend. If you discover you are unable to attend an appointment due to unforeseen circumstances, a call up to two hours prior to the appointment is still appreciated. Please be aware that it is at the Physician’s discretion to charge for missed appointments.

  • What happens if I cannot keep an appointment?

    If you cannot keep your appointment – please contact the clinic in order to cancel your booked appointment and reschedule another appointment.

  • What happens if I am late for my appointment?

    If you are late for your booked appointment, it is at the Physician’s discretion as to whether they feel they can still accommodate your appointment.

  • Can I get a prescription renewal on Walk-in?

    Depending on the type of prescription being renewed, the Physician on Walk-in may or may not be able to renew your prescription short term or long term. Please be aware that renewals for narcotics will NOT be completed at Walk-In. You must make an appointment with your own Family Physician.

  • What if I do not have valid medical coverage?

    There will be a charge for all patients who do not have valid medical coverage in Canada.

  • Why do I have to show my Health card at every visit?

    It is imperative to ensure that our records reflect the same information that is on record with Manitoba Health. This is especially important if we need to contact you, or if you are referred for diagnostic testing or to a Specialist and they cannot contact you due to incorrect/outdated information. While we understand that some patients may find this frustrating, it is for your benefit in ensuring that your health information is correct and current.

  • What if I live in another province or country and need medical care?

    For patients from another province, we must be able to verify your coverage prior to your visit.

  • Do you give phone advice?

    To ensure that your health concerns are addressed in a confidential manner with clarity we ask that you make an appointment to see your Physician and/or attend our Walk-in clinic.

  • Do I need to book an appointment to see a doctor?

    In order to see your Family Physician, you must book an appointment with them by utilizing our Online Booking option, by phone, or in person. If you do not have a Family Physician at Western Medical Clinic and/or they are unavailable, please attend our Walk-In clinic that operates Monday through Friday between 8:00 am to 6:00 pm.

  • Why is it important to ensure that I keep my appointment with my Physician?

    Our Physicians work very hard to be available to see you as their patient. Please remember that if you do not keep your appointment and do not call to cancel/reschedule, that appointment time becomes unavailable for another sick patient that could have been accommodated.

  • Can I eat and/or drink prior to having my blood drawn at the Lab?

    If your lab tests are identified as “Fasting”, please do not eat or drink for 12 hours prior to having your blood drawn at the Lab.

  • Can I post/send a message on Western Medical Clinic Facebook page and expect an answer?

    Please be aware that for confidentiality purposes, we are unable to answer questions/messages that appear on our Facebook page.

  • How do I edit information on my Medeo Online booking account?

    If you have questions regarding your Medeo Online booking account, please contact the clinic by email at westmed@westernmedicalclinic.ca.

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