Shilo Medical Clinic

Western Medical Clinic is proud to have some of our Family Physicians provide services at our Shilo Medical Clinic located in the Canex Mall in Shilo. Physicians rotate through the clinic in Shilo Monday to Thursday providing booked appointments as well as walk-in services. For hours of operations please see our locations below.

Walk-in Clinic

Western Medical Clinic Family Physicians provide Walk-in medical services Monday to Friday, 8:00 am to 7:00 pm at Unit B – 2425 Victoria Avenue.


ECG and Spirometry services are provided in-clinic. These services are commonly performed prior to your appointment with our Internal Medicine Specialist or may be requested by your Family Physicians when you are attending a booked appointment.

These services are provided on a walk-in basis initiated with a requisition from your Western Medical Clinic Family Physician.

My Health Team

Western Medical Clinic partnered with Prairie Mountain Health in December 2014 to form the very first MyHealthTeam in Prairie Mountain Health.

My Health Teams are teams of care providers (whether located in the same offices or virtually connected online) that work with you to make sure you get the care you need, when you need it. They are the health care neighbourhoods that provide care.

My Health Teams are built around strong partnerships. Teams of care providers work together to plan and deliver services for a geographic area or specific community or population.

My Health Teams are less about physical space, and more about leveraging and building on existing services and enhancing them so that patients are offered more coordinated and comprehensive care.

At Western Medical Clinic your care is coordinated with and supported by, Mental Health Shared Care Counsellors, a Registered Dietician, a Clinical Pharmacist and Social Work services.

For more information please see the My Health Team website.

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